On Sunday, May 14th, my family decided to host Mother’s Day at my house. The entire Saturday and majority of Sunday, I had to help my sister clean up the house. I had to vacuum, sweep, and make sure everything was looking neat. My relatives came over around 5:30 to start cooking.

My uncle brought 2 whole trays of lobster to cook up. That took about an hour to finish. He seasoned it with all these different spices. He cooked it right to perfection. There was actually a lot of lobster meat inside as well! Thank goodness my uncle knows what he’s doing.

My aunt brought over some pork from a nearby Asian butchery. These were absolutely delicious. The pork skin is crunchy and the meat is very tender. It was a perfect combination!


My other aunt brought over some delicious shrimp. She had already precooked it before she had arrived to my house. These were such a pretty pink color. They were still piping hot when she put it out on a plate. Absolutely to die for!

After our meal, my mom and grandma opened their gifts. My sister and I had given our mom makeup and we had given our grandma some shirts. Then, when my uncle had given my grandma a gift, it had come a long with a card. The card stated, “To the best grandma.” My grandma was confused. She thought it was from me and my sister. My uncle told her it was not from us. Her face reacted with the biggest shock. My uncle and his wife were going to have a baby!

Mother’s Day was a day full of delicious food and surprises. From the lobster to the pork to the shrimp, today was definitely not a day I will forget!