Me and My mom have heard about this place called from a fellow friend of our who said, ” Chipotle might be the best Mexican Grill ever made”. Which is a big statement hahaha, so we had to try it out.


I love chipotle, There food was amazing. Always fresh. You basically get to pick exactly what you want. They have options you can pick from like tacos, burrito, bowl and quesadilla. I usually get the bowl because the burrito is usually super stuffed and messy to eat. They give you the option of black or pinto beans, white or brown rice, choice
Of meat, salsas and sour cream and cheese. You can also ask for lettuce or guac if you’re feeling adventurous (and they charge extra $2  for guac). It is delicious! I always get the bowl with half chicken half steak, I add white rice, black beans, cheese, and hot sauce . They also have a vegan option. I would not recommend the carnitas because it is pretty chewy and not necessarily good. My mom loves steak but she hates steak bowls at chipotle. They also have a new chorizo option but I haven’t tried it just yet. The staff at this location is awesome. They’re pretty good about getting everyone through the line quickly and doing so with a smile. Check them out if you haven’t already done so.