On the first Monday of our spring break, my mom had decided that she wanted to take me and my sister out to eat. Therefore, we had decided to go down to the city of Irvine and eat ramen. We decided to go to Diamond Jamboree Plaza and surprisingly, the plaza was not busy at all. (It usually is).

We quickly walk into the ramen restaurant because we were starving. Ajisen was surprisingly not busy either. We were quickly brought to a table and our waitress took our order. I got the Ajisen ABC Combo, which comes with all their specialized meats.

We also got appetizers, which consists of their Dragon Roll and their baby octopus. All of our food came out very fast. Right when our food came out, my family dug in. I could not get pictures of our appetizers, but I was able to get a picture of my ramen bowl. 

Everything tasted so delicious. I was astonished. My ramen bowl was most definitely a 9.5/10. The dragon roll and baby octopus are for sure a 9/10. I would absolutely recommend this to a friend.