On March 25th, 2017 I was currently in Utah for a small weekend getaway. My family had decided that they wanted to go to Zion National Park and go hiking. Anyway, on the Friday of this weekend, I had left with my uncle right after school to Las Vegas. There, we stayed the night at my other uncle’s house and that was where we had met up with my other relatives. The next day, we had left for Utah in the morning.

When we got to Utah, we had yelped up a place to eat because we were starving. We came upon this small cafe close by Zion National Park. I ordered a burger with sweet potato fries. It was absolutely delicious. I rate this burger an 8/10. 

After our lunch, we checked into our hotel and started our hikes. The first hike we went on was the Temple of Sinawava. (I believe that is the name). Suddenly, it just starts raining, so we had to cut our hikes short and head in. When it had stopped raining, it was around dinner time so we headed out to this Mexican restaurant near the park. The food was amazing as well. But the thing that stood out to me was their dessert. All of their desserts were homemade. They had this Oreo Cookies and Creme cake, Peanut Pecan pie, and this lemon graham cracker dessert. It was heavenly. I would rate them 9/10 because I have a big sweet tooth.