About 2 weeks ago I was hungry and couldn’t make up my mind on what to eat. I was with my classmate Noah and he told me about this place called Din Tai Fung. He told me they have ” amazing dumplings“. Which to me didn’t matter because I had never tried dumplings. So I said why not, and decided to give it a try!!


The staff is so welcoming and so friendly. Very hands on and attentive. Server came over as soon as we were seated for drink orders. Always made rounds to ensure we had everything we needed.


These dumplings are : flavorful broth oozing out, soft wrapper, and tasty fillings. 20 dumplings later, I were satisfied. Each order generally comes with 10 and half orders for certain items can be done, which was great because it allowed us to sample a variety of dumplings for half the price. The bill wasn’t bad at all and I left feeling full of dumpling goodness.

Overall I’d give this place a 4/5 stars.