On this particular Saturday, I had gone on a field trip to MOLAA and Olvera Street for my Spanish class. I had gone with my friends Nathan, Sophia, Devin, and Brandon. We had first gone to MOLAA to look at Latin American Art and learn about the Chicano movement. After that, we departed to Los Angeles to go to Olvera Street.

Once we arrived at Olvera Street, it was around 1 P.M. so we were pretty hungry. We had decided to walk around the area to look for a good place to eat. Our Spanish teacher, Acosta, wanted us to first try the culture. Therefore, I bought this interesting looking snack. It was a cup filled with strawberries, granola, coconut, and this yogurt. At first, I thought it was delicious, but then shortly after I got really tired of it. It was just too much yogurt and too many strawberries in such a big cup.

After walking around for a little more, we came upon this restaurant called Mr. Churro. I was starving. I bought a two taco plate for about 9$. It came with rice and beans on the side. For my tacos, I bought one with Carne Asada and one with Pollo. It was absolutely delicious.

All in all, I learned about a different culture and tried new things, which I ended up liking. This was a great experience and I would definitely recommend it to anybody who has yet to visit MOLAA or Olvera Street.