Islands ( Stream of Consciousness )


People Interactions

  • Family and Friends
  • Busy with many customers
  • My sister
  • ” Hi, welcome to islands”
  • “How can I help you?”
  • “Our Hula burger is great with our fresh onion rings”
  • ” I would recommend our Cool Breeze smoothie, It’s been very popular recently”



  • The waiters almost seemed too happy it was creepy.
  • The tables were sticky and we had to ask them to clean it.
  • The guy sitting behind me was being very loud and obnoxious.
  • The bill was really expensive



  • starving
  • anxious
  • excited
  • satisfied
  • confused



  • My sister worked at this islands when she was in college
  • The cool breeze smoothie is the best thing they have there.
  • Many students from FVHS work at this islands



  • I can imagine see myself working here
  • I can imagine how the works would get sick of the smell of burgers all day



  • Had fun eating and jamming out to the music with my friends