Dim Sum

People Interactions

  • Waiters/ Waitresses
  • Family
  • Customers
  • “Hi, would you like to eat this?”
  • “How was your day?”
  • “What time does Dim Sum end?”


  • Bill, Payment
  • “I stamped your paper wrong.”
  • “This table is taken. Can we move you to another table?”
  • The waiter forgot to get my drink


  • Amazed
  • Happy
  • Hungry
  • Excited
  • Delighted


  • My mom had her wedding party at this restaurant (Kim Su)
  • We used to go here once a month ever since I was a kid
  • We usually get to go too


  • I would imagine waiter slipping on a block of ice
  • I would imagine my sister would get soy sauce on her white shirt


  • My dad got to-go three weeks ago and my dad forgot my favorite item 😦