It was February 19th, 2017 on a Sunday and I had just finished working out with my friend Darren at LA Fitness. It was about 11am and we were starving. I couldn’t decide what sounded good to eat, so Darren asked If i wanted to try Ramen at this place across the street called Shin Sen Gumi. It’s located @ 18315 Brookhurst St #1, Fountain Valley, CA 92708. I had never tried ramen so I went.


The wait is reasonable considering this is a popular restaurant. The staff are super Japanese (loved the energetic greeting chant) and quick to service. You get a menu order with customization of all aspects of your ramen: varying noodle hardness, degree of oiliness and salitness in your soup base, any restrictions in your ramen, toppings and quantities, and any additional sides. The food tasted incredible. Different than anything I’ve ever tried. There are also sauces and spices on the side that you can add to your ramen if you want more or a spicy or tangy taste.


The prices are really food for the quantity of food you get. I got a bowl of ramen and spam musubi for $7.50. The bowls of ramen are really big so if you aren’t a big eater or that hungry then I recommend getting half of a bowl. This place taste the best on a cold day. Overall I would give this place a 4.5 out of 5 stars. Go out and give it a try and tell me how your experience is!!