On the Friday of Valentine’s Day week, my family had decided to eat homemade Shabu Shabu. This is more of an Asian culture type of thing to do, but different types of people can experience it at nearby restaurants. My family did not go out for Valentine’s Day, so we had decided to do this to make up for it. 

What Shabu Shabu is, is a large soup container. Inside, you can place raw fish, raw beef, seafood, vegetables, tofu, and anything that can be cooked really. The soup cooks the food that you place inside. There is a soup base that flavors the food. Once the food is cooked, you just grab whatever you wish to eat. You can keep adding food to the container once food runs out. This can be eaten with rice and rice paper.

There are two sauces that can be used to eat the foods with. One is ponzu sauce, which is a peanut based sauce. The other, sesame sauce, is more like a soy sauce kind of thing. Both are tasty, but I personally prefer the ponzu sauce.


Shabu Shabu is a very interesting and different way to cook your food. I definitely recommend this to anybody who has yet to try this Asian delicacy. I promise they will not be disappointed. It is absolutely delicious. I rate Shabu Shabu a 9.6/10!