I used to believe that snails were disgusting. I mean, why would anybody eat them? They’re small, slimy, and ugly. Who would eat something that comes from the unknowns of a garden? Think about it. I would never eat something that slowly slithers across a garden’s lair.

Photo Henri Sivonen 2005 © (CC BY 2.0)

But then, I had to think about my decision when my family and I took a trip to Paris and we saw people eating snails. A lot of people were eating snails. And it turns out a lot of people like them! Escargot was literally on almost every menu at all the restaurants we went to. It was a part of their lifestyle. It was how they enjoyed life.

My family in Paris


However, I still believed that snails were disgusting. My family ate them everyday that we were in Paris. I thought to myself, ‘Even though other people are eating them, there is absolutely no way this snail will be getting close to my mouth.’ I was the only one in my 13 member family who did not eat them. But, I did get used to seeing the view of people eating snails more often.

Lady eating snails  Photo dennis crowley 2013 © (CC BY 2.0)

My family then ordered escargot one last time for our last night in Paris. My uncle dared me to at least try one. (He also promised he would pay me 10$ if I did.) I thought to myself, ‘We’re only in Paris for this one time. Might as well just give it a try because why not?’ I stuck one of those forks with only two sharp ends in a shell and pulled the body out. I almost threw up as it inched closer and closer to my mouth. And finally, the snail was in my mouth and I found myself slowly chewing.

Photo Fabio Sola Penna 2010 © (CC BY 2.0)

Guess what. It turns out I actually like snails. It was absolutely delicious. It was flavored with this strange green sauce on top of it. Plus, it was steaming hot, which added another factor to its excellent taste. My message to my readers is to never be afraid to try something new because you will never know if you like something unless you try it out!

trying escargots.jpg
Photo Connie Ma 2014 © (CC BY 2.0)