On the 15th of November (Tuesday), I had just got out of school at 2 P.M. and I had not eaten anything the entire day. As you might have guessed, I was starving. My dad picks me up and starts driving back towards his work place. On the way, I see a place called “LowKey Poke.” I asked if we could stop by and grab something to eat and he said sure.

We go in to the store and it is packed! The line was near the door and it took about 10 minutes for me to actually get my order taken. When I finally got to the front, you can choose what size and what base. I chose the regular and chose “Bootea rice” as my base. The regular comes with 3 scoops of protein, so I chose salmon, tofu, and scallops. After that, you can choose what sauce and what toppings you would like in your order. I got the sauce, “Shoyu the Way,” and I got all the toppings they ordered.

When I first tried it, I absolutely fell in love. I love poke and raw fish, and this was a place I had to add to my list of “places I would come back to.” The poke was very flavorful and all the toppings together had a very interesting taste to it. I would definitely recommend this to a friend/ family member. However, the price is somewhat high because it is fish, but it is worth it! I would rate it 9/10.