On the night of Fountain Valley’s annual Bell Game, my friends and I grabbed something to eat after the game. After losing to Edison 56-12, we wanted to go somewhere nearby and reasonable. My friend Nathan gave an option of “Raising Canes.” For me, I have never been there. On the other hand, my friends have been there multiple times actually. So we go there and the place is busy.

I ordered “The Box Combo” which consists of 4 chicken tenders, fries, a piece of bread, cole slaw, and their famous dipping sauce. I exchanged the Cole slaw with another slice of bread however.

My first bite was heavenly. The chicken is so soft on the inside,  but crunchy on the outside. Their bread is to die for! However, I wasn’t a big fan of their fries because fries are fries. You can’t be impressed by something so common. Their famous dipping sauce though, is amazing! I would give Raising Canes a 9/10.