On this particular Sunday of October, I had a volunteer event at this Armenian church in Costa Mesa. Before that, however, my friend and I agreed that we would get something to eat before starting our shift. My friend decided that we would go get boba and sliders at Tastea. When we got there, we both ordered one “Peach Me Sweetea with honey boba” and one order of popcorn chicken.

The “Peach Me Sweetea with honey boba” consists of a peach flavored tea with fruit bits and pieces of strawberry and peach. The honey boba is this green colored tapioca ball that is somewhat chewy. The popcorn chicken is a slider where little pieces of chicken are fried up and you are given a sauce of your choice to dip from.

I would rate the Peach Me Sweetea a 9/10 because it is such a pleasing drink, especially on this Sunday, considering it was pretty hot. I wouldn’t give it a full 10/10 though because I feel like it is very sweet and it isn’t very good for your health. For the popcorn chicken, I would also rate it a 9/10 because it is such a delicious appetizer, but again I wouldn’t give it a 10/10 due to it’s health effects. Overall, if you are feeling like you could spoil yourself a little, I would definitely recommend Tastea to my fellow boba lovers!